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A Professional SEO service is what you need if you have realized that most of your marketing methods no longer bring in new business as they used to. SEO services are simply translated as strategically placing your business where your customers are looking for you …. Online.

What Makes Me So Sure That Most Of Your Customers Are Looking For You Online?

Did you know that there are:

  1. 4.8 billion monthly searches from Canada on Google alone
  2. More than 92% of Canadians have access to the internet,
  3. 88% of Toronto residents have access to the internet
  4. 48% of Canadians over 65 years are using the internet meaning it is no longer a millennial thing
  5. 53% of shoppers first compare prices (in-store and online) when shopping

Many smart entrepreneurs have realized that consumer trends are rapidly changing. Many people are spending considerable time on the internet (the Canadian average is 45.6 hours a month – CIRA Fact Book). They have taken advantage of the changing trends and now they are making it big.

  1. 17.4% increase in growth of ecommerce retail income
  2. 22% of businesses with optimized sites say that 50% of their revenue comes from online sales
  3. $38.3 billion dollars were spent by Canadians on online purchases in 2013

These numbers are only going to shoot upwards as technology gradually dictates lifestyle changes. With more advancement on computers and mobile devices, people are finding it preferable to shop online.

How accessible are you? How much of the billions spent on online purchases will go to your business? Get online and see the difference!

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