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With EFFECTIVE internet marketing, you are on your way to increased sales and consequently, business growth. Smart entrepreneurs know that over the years consumers have changed the way they search for local businesses.

According to WebVisible and the Google Engage conference in Vancouver:

78% of consumers use search engines to search for local businesses compared to:

  • 56% who use online yellow pages
  • 47% who use print yellow pages
  • 43% who use print newspapers
  • 30% white page users,
  • 25% who consider TV ads
  • 16% who use customer review websites

Consequently, your regular listings on local directories and magazines no longer bring in new business, and your newspaper ads do little to help. Today’s consumers have found an easier way to achieve what they need. With a simple CLICK they have the information they need, thanks to the Internet, this is where professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services come in handy.

Search engine optimization ensures that your business is visible online when prospects search for it. SEO involves a series of techniques that strategically place your business website where your target customers can easily find it.

According to the Search engine Journal report,

SEO closes 14.6% of the leads compared to1.7% close rates achieved through outbound leads (such as print ads or direct mailing).

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