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Search engine marketing is an effective marketing strategy of this age. Countless studies have shown that Canadians top the list when it comes to internet use. This information will help you grow your business. Canadians’ love for the internet has continued to fuel the growth of ecommerce over the years, counting up to 5.3% of national GDP. Any business that is not online is missing out big time.

I Am A Small Business Owner, Why Should I Care About SEO?

Well, according to comScore and Statistics Canada, retail businesses account for more than 2% of the online sales in Canada, and Canadian ecommerce industry accounts for up to 5.3% of Canada’s overall spending. More statistics show that no business can afford to stay offline:

  1. Up to 92% of Canada's population is online
  2. 93% of Canadians search online for product information before making a purchase

Many smart business owners have discovered this gold mine and invested in Internet marketing. These businesses not only have websites, they have also made good use of professional SEO services to strategically place their businesses where their customers are.

  1. 38% of businesses with ecommerce enabled and search engine optimized websites say 25% of their revenue was from online sales
  2. 22% of businesses say that 50% of their revenue was from online sales.

See what you are missing out on?

It is important to note that of the 5.3% of the total national spending attributed to ecommerce, 80% of the sales are from Canadians. This shows a very strong customer preference

In the coming years, the ecommerce industry will only improve as more smart entrepreneurs understand that their customers are online, and they are doing their shopping there as well.

Are you among those that will benefit from the billions of dollars spent on online shopping?

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