How to Re-Share: Strategies to Refresh and Recycle Your Content for a Wider Reach

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How to Re-Share: Strategies to Refresh and Recycle Your Content for a Wider Reach

I am sure you have published hundreds of posts, written thousands of words and worked so hard to get the perfect images, gifs and videos. It therefore seems silly to just share the post once.


After all that work, it would only be prudent to find ways to share it a couple of times. After all, no one has ever painstakingly made the perfect oil painting only to crumple it up and throw it into the trash bin. The same is true for high quality content.


Your site is your gallery; it allows people to view what you have on offer. There will be instances when people will have already viewed your work. However, there will always be people who will find the content on display new.


The social media landscape, which is constantly changing, implores one to build an unshakable foundation of evergreen posts which can be shared throughout time. Quality, evergreen content should be the cornerstone of your social media strategy.


If your content isn’t what people can share out over and over again, your gallery will just be one of the many in the city, nothing more.


But Hey, Shouldn’t We Be Thinking About Creating Fresh Content?


Absolutely! The biggest misconception of our time is that re-sharing content has to be a spammy tactic. Well, as long as you are sharing the content responsibly, it need not be spammy. This article shows you exactly how to do it.


Re-sharing your content is killing two birds with a single shot. Not only do you get a chance to get your quality content seen by more people, it boosts your social media interactions as you have content you are constantly giving out. These real-time interactions with your followers on social media platforms are a goldmine!


By the way, did you know that re-sharing content is one of the most effective SEO practices? Well, as more people engage with your posts, search engines pick the pages up as worth referring to and increases the rank. That is only one of the many facets of SEO.


How Your Re-Sharing Efforts Impact SEO


You have probably noted that the big brands are the most prolific re-sharers of content. They don’t even alter much, just re-posting! So why do they so religiously re-share? Simple; it is effective.


Big Brands Content Resharing

While social sharing on its own impacts SEO, social engagement is really the key here. High quality content is worth the costs (time and money) if it triggers engagement! And guess what, every time you share your content, you increase its exposure and hence up the chances of engagement. Re-sharing does this so effortlessly.


With almost no tweaks at all to its content, BuzzFeed makes re-shared posts double their value. There are high chances that the people who first saw the older posts are not the same ones seeing the re-post now.


Simply re-sharing the content may not be the only way to encourage engagement. We will look at some companies and how they re-share right. Here are some of the best content re-sharing strategies that you can implement today.


1.   The Source: Tweak Up Old Posts


Well, there have been lots of changes in the past few years. Today, 3 months translates to a whole year of changes on the internet. So you can imagine that 5 years is a whole new internet epoch. Therefore, you may need to tweak up some articles to suit the current times. Start by looking at the content that had the most traffic.


Striving to make your content as evergreen as possible is probably one of your most time-saving, smartest content strategies of all time. You need to come up with ideas that will still be relevant five years down the line.


You can start with pepping up the headline, do a content grammar run-down and refresh the images and links. You may also need to update your social sharing buttons as well as add some timely content. This process will take considerably less time to create new content, and you will get to share it with thousands of followers who had not seen the original post.


Start with the metrics; which of your posts was the best performer? Which one had the highest organic traffic? Well, make a list of the posts that are up for re-sharing, be sure to conduct a content audit and update!


2.   Repackage Your Content and Find Your Sharing “Sweet-Spot”


You have probably read one of the many studies on social media user behaviors claiming that some re-share posts without clicking through to look at the content. Well, such news can be very disheartening.


You imagine all the research you have done, all the time you have put into making sure that you give the best post. The thought that your amazing post may not be read nearly as often as it shows could easily contribute to a content marketing burn-out.


It’s not all gloom though; experiment with your content until you find the posts that get people to read and share. One of the best ways to achieve this is to simply re-package your best performing content.


Repackaging is simply reframing the content with a new focus. It is like rounding up a bunch of top performing related content and forming one post, or turning one amazing post into countless others. You can then share the resultant posts.


You can do a post rounding up “the best of” content. This will invite people to read and encourage them to click the links for the various articles you have listed that they may never have thought of looking up separately. The best part is that you can repackage your posts to fit a different subset of your social media audience.


3.   The Grand Social Shake-Up – Reaching Out To Different Audience


What if they recognize the content as something shared a while back? That is probably one of the questions on your mind now. After all, you do not want to annoy your most avid followers by looking spammy.


Well, for starters, forget about those who re-share without really reading your content. Well, most avid followers don’t see your social shares anyway; they just get the content from your site.


Here is one uncomfortable truth about the internet; the comments section is a wealth of awful, and the startled cat gifs are a welcome break.


This, however, does not in any way mean that you should repeat your content word for word. There is a good chance that you have a few types of readers so vary your content. Additionally, find new ways to share your posts on social media.


Highlight exciting stats or pull cool anecdotes from your content to give it a quick tweak. This can be easily done by varying your post’s description or by using entirely different but equally eye-catching images. There are countless options when planning out how to test varying components of the same post!


4.   Automation; the Name of The Game!


Keep in mind that the best post you have is only as good as the engagement it garners. However, this fact does not mean that you need to manually re-share your posts on social media every waking moment. Well, unless you are into that sort of work.


To save you loads on time while keeping your brand personality, you can automate the entire process. Automation will also free up some time for you to actually engage with your followers real-time, take a break, or brainstorm on other ideas. You only need to space out your updates and you are on your way to reaching a wider audience.


You can check out if your social media schedule tool has an auto-share option.


Please note that automation is not your passport to relax on creating new content. You need to keep up your creation of evergreen content; it offers you an even better chance to shine!


Create Quality, Get It Out Through Re-Sharing


It is noisy and competitive out there. With the declining social reach and diminishing returns, you may be tempted to feel like you are shouting in the vacuum when posting on social media. And truth is, there is little ROI for shouting into vacuums.


This is where responsible sharing comes in as an integral part of the content marketing strategy. As long as your content is fresh, ever green, top quality as well as engaging, you will win.


Remember to post when your followers are most active on social media and you are almost guaranteed that no one will see the same content twice. Look at the data and you will notice better SEO results, more clicks hence increased traffic. That is a total bonus considering that you saved a lot of time on the entire process.

That’s it guys. From my team at WebStreet Strategies (The Best SEO Company in Toronto) see you next week!

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