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Is “Searcher Task Accomplishment” 2018’s Most Powerful Ranking Factor?

Move over RankBrain, content and links – a brand new ranking factor has just landed in town, and it is really unique. All jokes aside, the concept of searcher tasks accomplishment is a persuading argument for how SEOs should optimize sites. Do SEOs really solve the problems and questions searchers seek answers to?

Today I will explain how searcher tasks accomplishment is what Google is ultimately looking for and rewarding.

The Myth: Perfect Publishing Frequency and Blog Post Length!

Obsessing on the perfect blog post length and publishing frequency can be blinding. But here is the deal; perfection does not exist! But why, you would ask. Well, it is because ‘perfect’ is not universal – the content’s success is mostly dependent on countless personalized details as opposed to some rules set in stone.

Today I will explore why the idea of perfection in blog post length and publishing frequency is baloney, and some of the things you can do to make a successful publishing strategy.

A Step by Step Guide to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets

Have you noticed how hard it is to get referral traffic from Google nowadays? Competition is as high as it can be; but that is not the main reason. It is also because Google is now past the ten blue links and organic search results no longer cut it when it comes to generating traffic.

What can be done to adapt to these changes? Well, in this piece, we’ll look at how to optimize content to fit one of Google’s recent SEO tools; featured snippets.

10 Lessons We’ve Learnt from Failed Link Building Campaigns

After over 1000 content development and content campaigns, we’ve learnt a lesson or two about how to effectively build links, what does and doesn’t work. From super niche to too much data subjects, check out these 11 most fundamental link building lessons so that you do not do it the hard way. 

Is Your Page “Low Quality” According To Google?

What does Google consider when determining the quality of a page? How can you identify and fix (if need be) the quality of your pages? Curt Carroll shares the answers in today’s edition. 

The 4 Ps of Digital Marketing and SEO

Great SEO is part of the wider marketing framework – therefore, it doesn’t exist in a bubble. WebStreet Strategies CEO, Curt Carroll explains how the understanding and awareness of this framework can improve your overall SEO performance.

Local Results Spam Tactics are Winning: What are Your Options?

Local results spam tactics are earning higher rankings, simply put, they are winning. Today, Curt Carroll demystifies 3 important questions that SEOs shy away from asking?

What are spammers doing to win the battle of titans?

Why has Google allowed them to get away with it?

What are your options in fighting against local results spam?

Organic Rankings Drop: A Step by Step Google Rankings Drop Guide to Recovery

There are dozens of things that could make your Google organic rankings to drop, but before you go down the rabbit hole of Google rankings drop, make sure there is a real drop.

If you’ve just noticed an organic rankings drop in your tacking tool yet your Google Search Console and traffic clicks are still up, try not to panic and keep a close eye on things. It could be a natural fluctuation that you need not sweat your pants over.

But if you’re seeing a sustained rankings change, follow this Google rankings drop guide to figure out what went wrong, and what you can do about it.

Local SEO Saskatoon: How to Rank Your Saskatoon Business in Local Search

In 2016, ranking in the 3-pack for local Saskatoon businesses was hard and it will continually get more competitive in 2017. If you have not ranked in the 3 pack, I believe you should start to look for other smart ideas outside of a Saskatoon-SEO-3-Pack-Only strategy.

While local SEO still provides a great opportunity to grow your business in Saskatoon, I will discuss some supplementary organic ranking strategies you can add into your local marketing campaign.

I want to discuss and address:

  • The metamorphosis of local SEO in Saskatoon
  • How and why you need to change your focus
  • Actionable tips on how to rank better and earn increased traffic and business in Saskatoon
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